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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  September 17, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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u.s. embassies worldwide is a far left wing lunatic. >> what going on. that is is it for us, good night from new york. neil: well, it is 50, not looking nifty for mitt, says who? i am neil cavuto, to-hear the00 00 pundits, mitt romney might has well stick a fork in it says who? allow the numbers, that mainstream media is not talking about to sink in, negative 10.4 is latest read from bank of economic index this month, that
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is down from august, another sign that manufacturing is not getting better it getting worse, and the price for a gallon of a gasoline, on the way to visiting it again. listen to those rescued now rumbling a certain automaker. now balking, not much coverage about how gm wants out from unelsuncle sam's thumb, but uncm is not relending, bet tear keep taxpayers in the fog. i just find it amazing a mainstream media that would sooner pounce on mitt romney's every false move, gets away with it. i only heard one say respond
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spontaneous, i am only one that noticed romney getting read the riot act but not the president, the president gets a pass. they could call this a question his leadership, that gets a pass. not well, not nair, not right. and so say 50 days out president has no need to fear a mideast uprising, and economic news at home dismal is incredible, 50 days is a long time. and long time to cover for somebody. i am not saying that media has any responsibility for going light on mitt romney but just provide the same critical coverage on the guy you have already invested considerable time. the guy who mitt romney wants to beat, it september, i say quit acting like is november. to a former top executive at microsoft said it is time for media to stop being so soft on
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the president, there is a reason that so many companies are worrying that is why bob said he knows for whom he is voting, mitt romney, he is here veering away from the president for economic runs issue the biggest, you are concerned 4 more year will do what? >> well, the policies that are put in place, have not had much impact. and so, you know the decisions is fairly clear. we either muddle through the next 4 years like we have the past 4, or we decide to tackle the problems, and that is the issue, and i think that romney needs to focus on the shear fact that what is going on here, is that the president is focussing on romney as a person, trying to find anything negative he can, and sectly, romney plans and
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any dime a plan any time a plan creates a change that means there is an individual that might be inconvenienced and a service cutback they claim that as a victim. it is a sad tale we have to elect a leader or choose a leader with such an abomb enable process. process,. neil: if you think about it, it says something about the charler if he has a -- challenger if he has a bad marketing campaign. lou: one thing that romney needs to do is go to public say look what is is happening, they are trying to demonize me, the policies have not worked. neil: what do you think, i know bob, he started this campaign he spell out, spur growth, a lot of
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critics say he has to be more specific. 50 days out, is a risk, do you knower rhetinterpret it that wa? >> i don't know, this is a game plan to explain the severity of the problem, the president is not doing that. the president wants to talk about bain capital and horses the olympics, we have to get to the issues, how we'll solve them, and tell the public these are serious prb hom problems, lt greece, italy, spain, we're in line. neil: a lot of people look at market, a hot selling apple phone, technology beginning to roar back. i know some companies warning about europe, then saying maybe i thinks are not so bad. >> in certain product categories that is right, good innovation
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does excite people, that will continue to be the case. on the other hand, you cited specifics coming into this program in terms of the sour situation that we're in and so, we need to confront the problems, and it will be painful, mitt romney needs to do about what ronald reagan did, go to the public, say this is not going to be easy, the problems are severe, you want a government that tackles these problems. you have two choices, muddle through or begin to save the country for our kids and gandhkids and create -- grand kids and create an america we can be proud of. neil: thank you, bob. >> nice to see you. neil: there is a third choice this elect near, a libertarian one, and don't tell former governor of new mexico he does not have a chance, chances are
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he will end upo all 50 state ballots. governor with me now, half of the battle is getting on the ballots and polling well to get in the debates it is like a tough road. >> very catch 22. right now, i'm 5% nationally. i am not being recognized though at 5% nationally, if people recognize i was at 5%, overwhelming reaction woulding who in the hell is gary johnson. neil: what does it take to get in debates. >> you have to be in polls, i find it in#kredibl incredible ty and obama are arguing over what will be spending more money on medicare, when medicare has to be slashed. we're not sustainable, mitt romney said he need to balance
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the think about but we should increase spending for military and hold medicare in tact, that does not add up. neil: do you think what is going on with the two parties, people per get the president's low approval rating they perk up a little bit. and mitt romney the same, but congress has awful approval rating, they don't run to a third party. >> well, in this case, third party, myself, i'm excluded. i am excluded in ways that no one notices. neil: to get invited to debates you need to poll 10%? >> 15%. if i were recognized today for 5% people would be flocking to the internet to see who i am, i am making a case i do have a resume that suggests i will pursue what i'm talking about. neil: you would hurt mitt romney
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nationally more than barack obama but you could cost barack obama colorado. >> i am nor liberal -- more liberal than obama is certain issues and more conservative than romney with dollars and cents. neil: your view fell on deaf ears or lost fire when it was very much in vogue, say the wintertime, not so now? >> my van page point is my -- my vantage point right now is my voice is the fastest growing section of the america, young people realizining they are screwed, they will have no retirement, they have no health care. president obama a plan relies to wealthy people, this is young people, they are graduating with
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high interest rate on student loans. president johnson would point out why there is such high tuition and kurtin -- cutting tt off would result in institutions of higher learning lowers costs and services. neil: is it tough to succeed down the road, are you like a barry goldwater now? >> well, we'll see, ross perot, he ran has a third party? was he responsible for a planned budget or a revolution that i'm going to say resulted in fiscal san tie? >> he could have gone further, had he planned to not nuts out, do have you any plans to nuts out. >> i have no plans. neil: thank you very much.
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neil: apple closing at an all-time high, spiking above $search an hour a share in after minutes, two million reasons why, i think that the judge told the governor to take a walker. the walker administration is appealing, to lieutenant governor rebecca on what the state does now. good to have you back. i raise this issue governor,
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with governor walker about prospect of unions not giving up, this was at the time of the recall election, i want to talk to but this, union chieftains have said they have a mark on you, they will never let go, how do you feel? >> sometimes that the price of taking on ouing on courageous so move your state and couldn'try forward. neil: now what? >> i think it was a desperate attempt to thrust the municipality counties and school districts of the state into fiscal chaos, it was a irresponsible decision, we're hoping for a stay, we hope a constitutional reform-minded law, stays as the taxpayers and hard working families of wisconsin have over and over and
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over again said it should. neil: you know what i find interesting about this, that whether you are on the lest or right, you should be a little anxious about a judge who has gone against the will of the people, and a recall elect confirming that you want to do. the people have spoken. what worries me, it should worry a lot is a court intervening to dismiss the popular will. >> you are also talking about court taking on a whole extra branch of government, as part of its resume, we believe in wisconsin. i think we believe in america that the judicial branch is there to interpret law, not to make it. it seems that liberal dane county judge decided he wanted to be allegto be legislator for,
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and unmake the law. that the tax poise o tax payersn have made over and over. neil: if you lose this on appeal then what? >> we think we will, the law is constitutional. neil: thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. neil: while chicago teachers are still striking, teachers in new jersey are looking too strike a deal, but union president in newark, new jersey considered to -- for merit base pay, the better the teacher, the better the result, and better the paycheck. and human evens heidi harris said that these teachers should get paid what they deserve, this is an interesting concept, but i find noteworthys is where it is happening in specifically
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newark, new jersey, that is unions there seem to recognize we have to bend here what do you make? >> this is interesting but they want these people to be evaluated based on 4 2k-6 4 dift tiers, but they would keep teacher jobs if they were even rated ineffective. why would they still have a job. neil: we have got en into this before, there is a great push, everyone say the teachers, and teachers, i never heard someone say we have to do this for the kids or johnny and suzie, it's like, did you forget something. >> they did, look at chicago, the kids are out of school for two weeks, parents are concern, they don't want to dump their kids off at any centers, teachers don't care about the
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kids. if they did they would stay in the close rooms until this is ironed out. neil: i am wondering, maybe newark is first, it is not what it appears, i am wondering if this is the rebellion of good teachers, the ones who are ticked off, working as hand as they do -- as hard as they do, getting same pay as those who are teenured and not doing squat,al most like they are the ones secretly working behind the scenes. >> you know look at seniority system, a young teacher, you are excited and thrilled, you get in a classroom, you are first one to lose your job in a round of layoffs, there might be teachers
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down the hall who don't care, they are not better teachers but because of seniorities, they are not keeping their jobs, what does this tell next generation of teachers? if you are a college student, would you be a teacher, you may be the first to be fired, whether you are good or not. neil: heidi harris, thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: the year in goo good luck, figuring the occupiers out. >> the princess and the pea. harry can act like a nude drunken ass, and the royal family says nothing, but the princess in her birthday suit, and thousand, she has really started something.
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neil: all right in our fox financial flash, iphone 5 now number one. people ordering more than 2 million on day one, that making it fastest selling iphone ever, that has people buying apple stock. >> if you are disney, and kids whine, you will be able to get wine. for first time ever magic kingdom will start selling beer and wine at a french restaurant during dinner hours, i say if kids ac up, give it to them. that is probably not wise. but sometimes -- anyway. and when you are young, clueless, occupiers back at it ever, for the life of me, i cannot fathom what they are protesting about, i know they are still angry, better and still blaming.
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he is back with here right now, tom, i thought was you ahead of a guest, his on my fox news show who i did fended the occupiers, i want you to react. >> if you think that rosa parks was first person to sit in that bus to get arrested, then have you no idea. neil: if you compare these marchers to whose who march in sympathy and support of rosa parks you have another thing coming. >> the reason that dr. king started talking about socialism. neil: what you compare this crowd with the crowd that rallied with him on -- neil: i think she is on the wrong causes. >> neil, you have to feel sorry for a person like this, this shows how misguided this
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movement is, what sesays makes no sense issue you have two time, normal people, that wanted to go out, if they could make a change to benefit society, great, now you have the extremists, as normal people got involved, and they saw that extremists were not negative on justin come and equality but for society. they said, to themselves, the people with families and jobs, they say, why am i getting involved? >> col pare neil: comparing to rosa parks, and martin luther king unite and -- night and day, having said that, you helped get an occupy ar occa job. >> correct. neil: she did well. >> correct. neil: view few want a job, what
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do they want? >> they don't top work, this movement now -- they don't want to work, this movement has gone way down this movement is irrelevant now. neil: what do you think hurt it? >> there was roh leadership, no articulated message to say, why this movement was necessary for what is happening out in the world today, as that starte to i do down, have you other issues that have arosen, the lackluster job market. and what is going on with the debt issue, why is media focussing on this movement so much. neil: i think it is bad, have you any group that protests for jobless benefits instead of jobs, there is something wrong. but having said that, did it happen, anger or -- did it tap into anger or something out there, this group would have had bigger results. >> you bring up a great point,
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it starts with the administration, the failures of this administration, and the blam for wall street, so-called fat cat bankers. neil: yeah and they didn't take the blame out on washington they folk youked on walkedfocused on. >> they should have taken the blame on washington not wall street. there is no purpose sleeping on the sidewalk. neil: did you go to work today dressed like that? >> i did. neil: you had a bullseye. >> absolutely. neil: what did they till you. >> screaming about how, wall street is the cause of what happens,. neil: what did you tell them. >> i don't pay attention to this noise, these people are lost, i feel sorry for them. neil: i was with them last year, they were cursing at me, they
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thought i was hanty, and i cursed back at them, and hanitty got a nasty e-mail. i thought gee, i must have let myself go. they were angry are they still in the. >> they are very angry. they should focus on the real issues issue the failures of this administration, and to focus on the elections, and get mitt romney into the white house. neil: thank you, tom. meanwhile, automaker to wants uncle sam to quit creaping you under his hood and the princess what wants the pap asry to -- paparazzo quit peering at hers.
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neil: halftime, now general motors is throttled at the government, benefit sees of one
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of the biggest bailouts from the government want out from the annoying clutches. gm wants out. they want treasure to sell all their gm shares in open market. nice knowing you but enough. only one problem for gm, uncle sam does not want to sell the shares. gm you have to deal. i'm not surprised. that is what happens when government buys you out, it does not only own your factories, it owns your soul. and you cannot do a damn thing, that is why gm is chafing, the government is choking, it cannot hire the people it wants at pay it wants, the government has to sign off, you know how company savvy the government is. the folks on lose trillions,a advising pay packages who dare to lecture j.p. morgan executives for a bad tear
8:34 pm
trades, than ever a acknowledge that is what what they do every day, corporate america, at mercy of politicians who know thousand spread the sheet but very little about spread sheds, it is a little late for gm to be ditchintobe bitching they know g in, they are sick of being called government might ores, they do not like that sticker, they are driven off the cliff by government that rescued it, it has this stigma and the government refuses to let the stigma go and now gm is shocked, shocked that white house will not let it g the same fight house that fired company executives still deciding on hiring and firing even mid level
8:35 pm
executives today, wic -- wake u, you know who you crawled in bed with. a government whose financial prowess is shakier than yours, only you could not write a financial check out of thing air but the government could and did, now it is your sorry ass on the line, and you want the government to cash out. you feel hopeless. well wake up and smell the exhaust fumes could gm, that is the -- that is the flip side of getting bailed out, you are never really free, you are always from bureaucrats bitch, sorry for the wording but that is my warning, did you think once you are getting up and running that washington would pack up and leave?
8:36 pm
did you think that politicians would not the a piece of you just to showcase you and put you on a pathetic me ped stool? parting is not sweet sorrow, thinking you could ever get out of their thumb is what is so sorrow full, enough with saying gee, we've been reamed, you asked for this everyone else learned from. beware of government offering help, it will only leave you helpless, you are not coddled, you were throttled, so wrap your lips around this tail pipe and suck deeply. you willo the government forever. >> there will be a quiz tomorrow. >> coming up the guy who said
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now to a bailout, ford motors ceo. >> and over the top or over the topless? the judge on the princess playing at thi tit-for-tat, thel skipping on when roiling rumble.
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neil: kate is irate, and royals are ready to rumble, only a boo boob would think that princess could sue a magazine, and win. she is suing over privacy, to the judge. >> i think that all puns were intended. this is an unusual situation, she is a public person, i do not
8:41 pm
mean that in a lurid way, there is a wide spread interest in what she looks like. neil: i went on the internet immediately to find out. >> if she shoeses to disrobe -- choses to disrobe, in a place, while on private property is visible from public, even with binoculars. neil: she was told her privacy would be guarded. >> it was lot, and she was less than concerned until pictures came out, i am not in support of what happened to her, but she has little grounds on upon which to complain, now some european courts might prevent further i did systedissemination, money is irrelevant. there are caps on the aim you can get, i think most i 15,000,
8:42 pm
and irrelevant to publisher of the magazine, in terms of criminally prosecuting the photographer, out of the question, unless he committed a crime by getting to the place where he took the picture according to him he was in a public place. neil: he had a huge telephoto. >> if she is visible even with the aided eye, she has a very weak case, if he broke into a house, and secreted a camera in a bedroom it would be different. she was in a public balcony, where she did not think that people could see her, but they did. neil: what about other, across europe, italian one saying we're running into same pictures. >> in the u.s. of america the republication would be
8:43 pm
permitted, theory is, it is all right out there, but not the law in europe or in italy or in france. in italy and france, the reu republication can be reenjoined by a judge. not to a large financial degree, in great britain there is no cause of action, the great britain has no privacy laws, government violates privacy, and people violate each other's privacy, that is why they are bringing the actions. neil: i call them -- we're tight. >> is he a friend of yours,. neil: yes. >> is his brother a friend of yours. neil: well, harry, who was running around in a hotel suit in las vegas in a birthday suit, they are not defending him, why? >> i can not think imagine that harry would file litigation
8:44 pm
because strangers in the same room he was playing in his birthday suit would take pictures. >> yo you know, i wonder, is pat of the rememberin remember -- w, remembering the paparazzi and his mother, maybe a warning shot. >> the driver of diana's car was well beyond the legal limit of alcohol. but one can understand prince william's concern his wife not be treated the way his mother was. neil: is that not a given with royalty and very big public figures? the price of fame. >> it is, emotionally. and it is legally the price of fame you lost a huge aim of your privacy.
8:45 pm
close the blinds,. neil: when they follow me to baskin-robbins, as they have done, i have to live with the cob consequences. >> there are there photos of you eating yodels and wing dings? >> there are. neil: this panda, a gift fromming which giving birth today, but president obama is bearishish on china, he is talking tough, but critics say he is pandering, yeah, pandering. [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate
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>> today my administration is launching new action against china. neil: a little curious, president obama in ohio, blasting china, saying not about winning a straight war with china but winning votes in that crucial state. the timing is impeccable, katie? >> he is in ohio, he is trying to tout this manufacturing in u.s. while taking on china, but obama administration and obama campaign are criticizing china for subsidizing automobiles and auto parts when they bailout gm, and continue to subsidize that company as a high level. not to mention they have been promoting the chevy volt for
8:50 pm
years. president obama said he would be willing to drive his own chevy volt once oval office. neil: that was china's -- what was china's respond to this, are you kidding? you have to be kidding, your whole auto industry is on the government bill, i don't think this is going to go anywhere. and whatever is going on, the president lead in polls, i know they change fast, you remind me of that, he has widened his lead in ohio, and michigan in states that have been beneficiaries of the bailout, what do you make of that. should mitt romney, be worried about that? >> well, the thing is that mitt romney has been talking about china's cheating for years now, even going back to his campaign in 2008.
8:51 pm
the thing that the obama campaign has done a very good job of pains mitt romney as someone who did not care about bailing out gm. something that would have killed thousands of jobs, and whereas prob prob probe was the -- prest obama of the savior. that is working in swing states but if the romney campaign come back, and say not necessarily about china but also about getting deregulation in the u.s. so the manufacturing jobs can stay here, so they are shot shipped overseas, take do you think that corporate tax rate. get back to american-made manufacturing. neil: i think that obama white house strategy, they say, we realize that things are getting bad, they tell people, they are
8:52 pm
getting better, and say this is all at risk if you elect mitt romney, it will reverse. it appears to resonate in battle ground states away too early, if you are mitt romney, how do you counter that? >> a lot of polls taken in the battle ground states depend on record democratic turn out, considers that polls are not that enthusiastic about this elect we'll see if they hold true on election day, but mitt romney has to get to those states and those blue collar workers. neil: he has to win florida, that state say what you will, was polling well for mitt romney, albeit tightly, if that falls out of range that could be a deal breaker? >> i'm not sure it would, if you look at past couple weeks in terms of what narrative has been. we've shift away from medicare, but what medicare of the talk of
8:53 pm
the town, mitt romney and paul ryan were up. neil: interesting. >> in ohio, coat miners who lined up for mitt romney. neil: wait, it is 50 days out, jimmy carter was winning in a walk at this point, katie thank you. retailer that never grew in brooklyn not because it could not but because clueless politicians never gave it a chance. [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance?
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try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. align naturally helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ ooh, baby, can i do for you today? ♪ try align today.
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neil: and congratulations anti-wal-mart of forces. you one. now brag about your victory in brooklyn, new york how much better they are. the retailer is not coming neither are the $4 prescription drugs drugs, affordable flat screen tvs, computers tvs, computers, school supplies, everyday home supplies to represent a big savings to those who need them. they will still be gouged because politicians took away the only hope for wal-mart to provide some respite, a defense for consumers paying through their nose. now without the option. politicians rob them of that
8:58 pm
not because they were looking out for small-business but redoubt of nine unionized business. that is why is not coming. and beleaguered new york city residents are hurting. for those politicians who feign looking out for the little guy. their interest. not the shoppers. big unions. have to work here to appreciate how ridiculously everything is. a box of cornflakes down the road. $500. [laughter] i exaggerates. but god forbid retailer says the can help you. we can make the everyday stuff of cheaper. this may seem silly. know the savings they
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provide and competitive prices all-around do. you know, about alternatives. now imagine politicians closing of those choices. it was never put up for a vote. god forbid they were given a chance to save dough. instead of the politicians to say the tax. not one tree or a sprout of competition. not received of savings. wal-mart is not the loser and is the people who will never shop there it is worse than brooklyn when it lost the dodgers. at least they had them. with wal-mart, they never did. we have alan mulally


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